Monday, April 13, 2009

Simon 2 in beta

Java Simon, simple java monitoring, version 2 is in beta. I am quite proud of this because firstly the major change in the version was a result of my performance investigations, and secondly it contains my Spring integration code. See the java simon pages for news, downloads, etc.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wicket course preparations

Soon I will start teaching Wicket courses in The Netherlands. To prepare I spend some days in London with jWeekend teacher Cemal Bayramoglu (also know for organizing the London Wicket meetups). Most of our time we were at jWeekend's nice classroom, right in the middle of London, with close access to a very nice Thai restaurant, several coffee corners, etc.

The first day we went through the entire course that Al Maw and Cemal created. We had great fun discussing all the ins-and-outs. The second day we focused more on how the course should be taught.

I am really glad my company JTeam also thought it was a good idea to team up with jWeekend. The course is excellent and as the number of eyes on the material has only increased, will be even more excellent in the future.

Please contact as at if you are interested in getting a Wicket course.