Sunday, June 30, 2013

Announcing Metrics-Scala 3.0.0

Metrics-scala 3.0.0 was just released and is available in Maven central. This is the first release against Metrics version 3.0.0, and the first release where the code is maintained by me instead of being a line for line copy of Coda Hales' original.

A special thanks goes to @scullxbones who started the 3.0.0 branch and ported the tests to ScalaTest.


  • Code is no longer a copy from Coda Hale's sources and is now maintained by me.
  • Depends on Metrics-core 3.0.0.
  • Ported tests from original to ScalaTest (@scullxbones).
  • Much more documentation.

Although the metrics-scala API is mostly source compatible, there are breaking API changes which are mostly caused by changes in the metrics-core library:

  • All code moved to the nl.grons.metrics.scala package (changed at Coda Hale's request).
  • The class Instrumented must now be created in your project by extending InstrumentedBuilder.
  • All configuration for histograms, meters, and timers are gone. These are now configured in the reporter.
  • Dropped method clear on Histogram and Timer.

More ideas and pull requests are welcome!


  1. I want to use this library. I had one double, does it work well with future? How can i use it with future?

    1. Hi Shailesh, you can find all the documentation in the github project:

      Later versions include Future support. For more detailed support, feel free to ask on the mailing list.