Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CMS blues

Somehow CMS systems always have disadvantages (even the ones I wrote myself e.g. BackStream's ECMS :) ). They are always of one or more of too proprietary, too large, too strict, too flexible, not multilingual, without workflow, too data oriented (instead of task oriented), too hard to configure, too hard to program, too slow, too ugly URLs, too etc. etc.

I am currently looking into a Ruby on Rails CMS called Radiant. So far it has the following pros:
- it is nice to look at
- it is still small
- it pretty powerful while still easy to follow (possible thanks to Ruby)

It still needs a lot of work. For example there is currently not even support for images and stylesheets. Still the way things are structured make me think this CMS will come a long way towards the ultimate CMS. Lets spend some more time on this...


  1. Seems there at least 3 other posts titled 'CMS Blues'. How live repeats itself!

  2. Best Open Source Content Management System, 2006

    Here is what I think of it on TSS.