Friday, September 29, 2006

Back to Radiant

In one of my first posts I talked about Radiant. Having tons of other stuff to do, it dropped below my horizon. Because I am still on the mailing list, I saw a presentation passing by from Nathan Wright. The presentation is a beauty for first time Radiant users. I can highly recommend it if you like Ruby and are searching for something to build a simple site.

Because I can't find a download, I've put it on my home server for now. So here it is:

Radius, Content Management Simplified (5.6Mb)
Denver Derailed meeting September 27, 2006
Covers Radiant version 0.5.2 By Nathan Wright

Update 2006-10-02: Thanks to Luis Lavena for providing a more solid server.

Update 2006-10-04: The link above is now pointing to Nathan's own blog.

Update 2007-03-06: All previous links are now dead. I placed the copy on my home server back.

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