Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Top3 reasons for using NetBeans

Here is my top 3 reasons for using NetBeans:

3. You are masochistic, and like to change IDEs once every while
2. JPA support is apparently quite good
1. You are going to work for Sun


  1. Wow, you are going to work for Sun? ;)

  2. Now, where did you get that idea? :)

  3. I kind of agree with you.

    In my opinion, NetBeans is not where eclipse is at the moment. Many developers praise it's small footprint. That is simply not true!
    Given, if you are not _working_ with NetBeans, it uses less memory than eclipse. As soon as you start doing something however, there is not much of a difference anymore.

    Another advantage pointed out by NetBeans developers is the small download size.
    Yes, that is true (70 MB for NetBeans if you take the profiler as well, 120 MB for eclipse). But by default, eclipse gives you a lot more tools already!
    Additionally, I don't really mind the download size - after all it is a one time thing...

    The biggest disadvantage in my opinion is how badly NetBeans performs. I could get it to run _kind of_ smoothly only if nothing else was running!
    i don't know what the developers of NetBeans did, but opening source files, extensive searches and basically any major operation (including code completion) take waaaay too long.

    For myself, it is simply not possible to have quick and easy development with NetBeans the way it is at the moment.

    Note however, that this all was tested with the NetBeans 5.5 beta. (I can hear people scream already: "Well, what do you expect then?" :)