Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Ubuntu experiences - continued and discontinued

Che promised and delivered. Almost.

The boot time was indeed fast. Che had compiled the wacom-linux kernel module so the Wacom tablet worked fine. Even dual head worked, well almost...

Problem 1: The screens were in the wrong order. The second screen is standing to the left of the main screen. No problem, just one one word changed in xorg.conf, reset and done.

Problem 2: The Wacom tablet driver still thinks that the second screen is to the right of the main screen. No idea how to solve this. Che thought this would require a code change and recompilation of the wacom-linux kernel module.

Problem 3: The external screen gets the wrong resolution. Whatever we tried, we could not get it to run on 1850x1050, the optimal Dell 2005fpw resolution. Bummer.

So again, after 2 additional hours of hacking, I am back with MS Windows. Perhaps, if time permits, I'll erase the Ubuntu partition and try familiar SuSE this week.

Note: fear not if you have one of the newer Dell Latitude D620s with nVidea graphics. Dual head works a lot better on these then on my older D620 with Intel graphics.

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