Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Help! Looking for a Java LDAP client library!

I often read that Java is very mature and that you can find Java libraries for everything. Wrong!

At least 5 complete working days I have spend investigating how to implement the LDAP synchronization protocol as supported by the OpenLdap server (RFC4533) in our Java product. Here are the libraries I investigated. None of them support RFC455 out of the box.

Sun's implementation is alright for most things, and now that the JVM is being open sourced, you can actually see the com.sun classes you need to program with (BerEncoder and BerDecoder) for new LDAP controls. Unfortunately, JNDI is not actively developed anymore. As far as I can see the required LDAP Intermediate Response Messages (RFC4511, the most recent definition of LDAP) is not supported. No idea on how to add this to JNDI either.

Another Sun initiative, the open source directory server. The code shows support for the LDAP Intermediate Response Message however, all code is written from a server perspective. I did not see how this code could be used in a client.

The code of this directory server has clearly separated code that could be used by both client and server. However, again, no support for the Intermediate Response Message.

I could not download the sources as our firewall does not allow CVS to go through. I'll investigate later. I doubt that Intermediate Response Messages are supported as there is not much development going on here. I think Novel's resources are all tied to their newer products.

So, still no go. What should I do? Any synchronization supported by OpenLdap will do. Help!

Update 2007-10-23: It seems that JLDAP has support for Intermediate Response Messages after all! Meanwhile a friendly colleague at another location has downloaded the code for me.

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