Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giving up on compiling a linux module

I recently build my new home server PC. The motherboard is a D94GCLF, a small mini-ITX (17x17cm) from intel with an Atom processor. Unfortunately, the on board ethernet card, a RTL8102EL is not supported by Ubuntu 8.10. The r8169 kernel module works but it drops most received packets so its not as fast as it should be.

Realtek does provide the source to build the module yourself. Unfortunately, the instructions are a bit sparse. Too say the least. After a 7 hour struggle, installing kernel and header sources, lots of googling, making symbolic links here and there I finally compiled a .ko file. Insmod refused to load it.

So I gave up.

Now my new server is up to full speed again. If you can't solve your problem in software, add hardware! I put in an old 100Mbit/s ethernet card, and all is well again.

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  1. The latest and greatest version of 8.10 did not work. I had to regress back to the version that came on my linux 8.10 CD and it worked with the onboard ethernet just fine.