Monday, August 15, 2011

DNS for Version 99 is off-line

To alleviate some pain with using the commons-logging framework, I created version 99. It was hosted at the hostname courtesy of Unfortunately, due to lack of traffic I had to affirm usage of the the hostname once per month. Though this was slightly annoying, a complete pain is that I missed the last deadline, and that recreation is out as dashes in hostnames are no longer allowed.

As of 2011-08-15 16:11:00 GMT no-ip did credit to its name; no ip for

As 1) the current situation is disruptive for any version-99 user anyway, 2) there is a better workaround using the provided scope, I decided to not put back version 99 online under another hostname.

If you really need to use version 99 for some more time, just add an entry to your /etc/hosts file:

As promised, I'll keep version 99 for 5 years, that is until October 2012. Please check back here for IP address changes.

Update 2011-12-19: I just found an alternative with almost the same name: It is a static maven repository with a limited number of version 99 jars.


  1. Provided scope isn't a better solution as it leaves the commons-logging APIs in scope when we want to exclude them.

    What's needed is a global exclusion as discussed at

    Do vote and blog.

  2. There are few free DNS services around here. For example, there are few others as well. Could you move you domain there?

  3. I could, but that would also make another domain name needed. No-ip is not going to give away their own top level domain. Given you have to change your pom anyway, you may just as well use the 'provided' trick.