Sunday, April 21, 2024

Tips for running Roundcube for years

I have been running a Roundcube instance for about 8 years now. At the beginning I only used it as a backup email client that can be invoked from anywhere. Nowadays, is it so good that I didn't even bother installing Thunderbird on my work laptop.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the docker backup of Roundcube had become quite large, many GBs. This was quite unexpected for a service that is used by only 2 people. The reason was quickly found: the sqlite database was huge!

What did I know? I though ony Postgresql needed scheduled cleanups. Turns out sqlite needs it too! Would this be the reason Android phones tend to fill up over time?

Anyways, the fix was simple: run the vacuum command! So, now I have the following run daily using cron. Problem solved!

sqlite3 /paht/to/roundcubemail.sqlite 'VACUUM;'

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