Monday, August 7, 2006

Swing Date Pickers

Back in April I looked around for a good open source Swing date picker for a big Swing project. I found 6 and I actually tried them all. But in the end we simply stayed with JSpinner components.

These were the must-have requirements:
1. support for typing dates directly (this is, without opening a pop-up)
2. ability to limit the selectable dates with a lower and/or upper boundary
3. good event mechanism

And some nice-to have requirements:
4. visual mouse selection
5. support for multiple date formats
6. look good
7. further limitation of selectable days, for example no weekend days

These were the date pickers I tried:
- JCommon
- MDateSelector
- SwingX's date picker
- UICollection's date picker
- JCalendar
- And there was a sixth, but I can not find it back anymore.

None of these met the must-haves. In particular requirement #1, keyboard support, is only present in the the SwingX component. In contrast good old JSpinner supports #1-#3 splendidly, but fails miserably on #4-#7.

However, my search did seem to have some result.

It started with comment on an introduction on the SwingX JXDatePicker by R.J. Lorimer on JavaLobby. This guy writes good stuff. Then I thought, why not ask on the SwingX forum directly. So I wrote this message in search of more features. The message was followed by a lively discussion in search of requirements.

It seems that the SwingX guys picked it up and are now working on the final killer Swing date picker component!

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  1. I have implemented JDatePicker, which lives on sourceforge. It complies to the following of your requirements (1, 3, 4, 5, 6).

    Additionally it will soon support JodaTime, and it already supports JGoodies Binding.