Thursday, August 31, 2006

Walking the Java Road

I am walking the Java road. This week I told a junior programmer that learning Java is not something you start and then complete. Its a road; you learn as long as you are doing it. I am on the Java Road for 5 years now and I am still learning every week, almost every day even.

So what about this Ruby Road over there? It is a lot smaller road, but it appears that only fast vehicles are allowed. You really need to steer well, no mediocre developers here, they've crashed way behind you. And when you finally get it, boy, you get to go fast.

The major problem with walking on 2 roads is that you only have so much time in your life. I need time for the ones I love and then I need some sleep now and then. I would not mind switching, but then there should be enough work. Unfortunately, all the interesting stuff is still in Java. So for now its Java for me. But I'll keep looking...


  1. +1 insightful, well spoken...!

  2. What a sad post. I think the early autumn weather is getting to you.

    You should not worry about the road but enjoy the ride. Ruby will find you, it's on this same road, a very wide road, jruby will be on lane next to you soon.

    Forget about java black belt and keep practising those ruby katas!

  3. Remco, you are right. It is a sad post. However, it was actually not intended to be one. I am quite happy with what I am doing.